New issue of Ibero-Americana Pragensia (48/2)

Dear readers of IAP, we are happy to announce the publication of the next issue of IAP, the 48th edition, the second issue of which focuses on the revolutionary year 1968. In this issue you will find three studies dedicated to the echoes of that year in Mexico, written by renowned experts Bern Haunsberger, Karol Derwich and our long-time collaborators Lukáš Perutka and Luz Araceli González Uresti. Beyond the topic at hand, the IAP includes a study on the topic of OEA operations and democracy in LA.

In addition, you can look forward to a report on the conference on Czech-Uruguayan relations held in the Czech Republic in 2021 and a number of reviews. The reviews include, for example, the book titles Kateřina Březinová’s Latinos: Another Minority? by Lukáš Perutka or Michal Zourek’s book Uruguay: a Brief History of the States? by Anna Marie Nešpůrková.

The new issue can be found on the website of Karolinum Publishing House, where you can buy it and where it is available online:

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