Ibero-Americana Pragensia

Ibero-Americana Pragensia is a professional peer-reviewed journal, originally a yearbook, which has been published twice a year since 2017. The magazine focuses on the history and culture of Latin America, as well as on relations between the Western world and Latin America. It publishes scholarly studies, short articles, essays, annotated archival materials and reports on conferences as well as reviews of specialized literature and cultural events. All the published texts are authorial. Scholarly studies and essays are subject to review. The journal publishes texts of various methodological and thematic focus (e.g., history, literary science, linguistics, ethnology, political science, art history, translation studies, etc.), as well as annotated archival materials related to Latin American studies. It puts emphasis on primary research and is intended primarily for the professional public. The texts are published in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The objective of the journal is to raise public awareness of Latin American studies as a field, to profile it and to serve as a professional communication platform for controversies and discussions and, at the same time, what is happening in Latin America and its international relations and, hence, to contribute to a more detailed understanding of this region, its history and its culture.

The yearbook Ibero-Americana Pragensia was founded in 1967 as the first periodical published in the Spanish language in Central and Eastern Europe. The yearbook has gradually gained considerable prestige and since the early 1990s has been regularly mentioned in one of the most respected bibliographic journals, the Revista Interamericana de Bibliografía, published by the Organization of American States. The yearbook has been registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as a reviewed title since 2008, and since 2017 has been peer-reviewed and published twice a year. The director of the magazine is Prof. PhDr. Josef Opatrný, CSc., the editor-in-chief PhDr. Simona Binková, CSc., and the executive editor Mgr. Monika Brenišínová, Ph.D. The magazine is led by the executive editor together with an editorial collective composed of scholars from Czech universities. The scholarly and professional level of the journal is further supervised by an international advisory board, which consists of academics from leading foreign universities.

Scholarly studies, short articles and essays are published after the double-blind peer review procedure and acceptance by the editorial board. Professional reviewers are scholars from domestic and foreign universities. The journal is open to cooperation and welcomes scholarly studies, short articles and essays, as well as reports from conferences and projects and reviews. Please send texts to email: monika.brenisinova@ff.cuni.cz. The journal can be purchased or downloaded on the Karolinum Publishing House website, here: https://karolinum.cz/casopis/ibero-americana-pragensia.

Older issues of the jounral can be found here: IAP Archive

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