A new Initiative of the FA CU is being established

Dear colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the Ph.D. Candidates Initiative of the FA CU is being established. If you are interested in taking part or just in following the initiative’s activities, we happily invite you to get in touch or to sign up to our newsletter (see below). We would like to ask the teachers and representatives of the faculty’s departments who received this email to kindly share it with the Ph.D. candidates of their institutions.

It is our intention to meet up and interconnect the community, to share relevant information, and to provide mutual support both on human and on institutional level. The concept of the initiative emerged under the impression of the fragmented nature of the Ph.D. community at the Faculty of Arts, which became apparent in reaction to the reduction of Ph.D. scholarships in the last few months. The Initiative can provide us with a platform for meeting, expressing our opinions, and, possibly, also for a symbolic representation of the candidates’ voice at the faculty or the university level.

If this idea drew your attention, we will be happy if you join us or if you give the initiative your support. Click here please to add your email address to our newsletter:


A Facebook page shall be established soon, of which we will inform you shortly.

Kind regards,

Ph.D. Candidates Initiative of the FA CU

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